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Why Does Wayfair Sell The Same Item Under Different Names?

We received this response from a Wayfair spokesperson via email: "Our retail sites are designed to offer distinctly different shopping experiences that address the preferences of different market segments. Each of our brands run their merchandising and pricing independently to create a unique brand experience.

Are Wayfair Sellers different?

Wayfair sells more than 14 million products across five websites. It also has 80 “house brands,” which are not actually brands at all but act as a way to categorize and merchandise products into certain decorating aesthetics. It does not manufacture any of the products it sells, instead using a drop ship model.

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Does Wayfair and Overstock have the same items?

If you're searching for a particular style of item or the best deal, it's important to check both Wayfair and Overstock. Especially since the retailers don't typically carry the same items, you may find something you love on both sites! There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to shopping between the two.

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Does Wayfair have 3rd party sellers?

Can third parties sell on Wayfair? Absolutely. Third-party suppliers sell indoor and outdoor furniture, rugs, kitchen goods, bed and bath products, storage options, pet items, and a whole lot more on Wayfair — more than 18 million products for the home across the site.

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Why are Wayfair prices different?

Another thing that Wayfair has revealed to us, is that part of the reason behind the different names and prices is the preferences of the target groups of different channels. Some are looking for contemporary furniture, some are looking for home furnishing, and style preferences differ, too.

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