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Does Bank of America give free checks?

For those who still use a lot of checks, it's important to know how to order more so you don't run out. Some banks, including Bank of America, offer standard checks free of charge to certain account holders.

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How do I order checks?

Your Options for Ordering Checks Whether you need personal checks or checks for your business, you have the following three choices: Order a new set of checks online or from a catalog. ​Contact your bank and order check refills from them. Print your own checks.

How to Order New Checks: Business and Personal Accounts - The Balance

How do I sign into my Bank of America check?

Open the app, use your fingerprint to securely sign in 3 and select Deposit Checks. Sign the back of the check and write “for deposit only at Bank of America”. Take photos of the front and back of the check with your smartphone — just select the Front of Check and Back of Check buttons.

How to use Mobile Check Deposit for Fast & Simple Deposits

How do I view Bank of America checks online?

Your check images are available online for viewing up to 18 months. If you are an Online Banking customer, you can sign into Online Banking and select your account from the Accounts tab. You can then select a check for viewing from the Activity tab. If you're an Online Banking customer, you can go paperless now.

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