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Why MIT License Is Bad?

Many of the issues with the license are due to the evilness of software patents. ... Because the MIT licence has no explicit grant of patent rights as a condition of use of the code you open yourself up to abuse from bad actors.

Can you profit off MIT license?

Depending on how they chose to provide their fork, yes. The MIT license, which you chose to license your work under, doesn't prevent anyone downstream from changing the license, nor from changing the license of a derivative - unlike a copyleft license such as the GPL.

Can I sell my MIT-licensed software if it is modified by others?

Is MIT license viral?

Unlike the GPL, the only requirement an MIT license places on its recipients is that they keep my copyright notice intact when they repurpose, redistribute, or otherwise reuse my code. Unlike the GPL, this license is not viral.

Why I use the MIT License

Is the MIT license good?

The MIT license is a great choice because it allows you to share your code under a copyleft license without forcing others to expose their proprietary code, it's business friendly and open source friendly while still allowing for monetization.

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Why people use MIT license?

The MIT license gives users express permission to reuse code for any purpose, sometimes even if code is part of proprietary software. As long as users include the original copy of the MIT license in their distribution, they can make any changes or modifications to the code to suit their own needs.

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