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Why Did Burger King Discontinue Onion Rings?

In November 2019, many people were forced to eat their onion rings naked (or, alternatively, dipped in one of Burger King's five other condiment options) due to a shortage of zesty sauce across stores. Due to an early snowfall, it became impossible to harvest much of the horseradish crop.

Are Burger King onion rings made with real onions?

One thing that's a little unusual or different about Burger King's side is that it isn't made with rings of onion at all. Instead, the onion rings are made with a paste that consists of diced onions (via Grub Grade).

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Did Burger King stop making onion rings?


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Does Burger King have a burger with onion rings?

Yes, please! Burger King has been keeping us on our toes these past few months. They've added more plant-based options to the menu and have finally launched on Uber Eats.

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What items are Burger King discontinuing?

Burger King has discontinued some of the most delicious-looking menu items!. Cupcake Shake. ... Shake 'Em Up Fries. ... Crown-Shapes Chicken Nuggets. ... Chicken Tenders. ... Burger Shots. ... Ribs. ... Satisfries. ... Donut Holes.

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