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Who Founded Wayfair?

How was Wayfair started?

2002 to 2006 Entrepreneurs Niraj Shah and Steve Conine founded Wayfair in August 2002 as a two-person company with a makeshift headquarters in Conine's nursery in Boston, Massachusetts.

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What does Steve Conine own?

Conine co-founded Wayfair in 2002, and is the co-chairman of the board. In May 2017, Wayfair's share price rose above $70 per share, making Conine and his co-founder Niraj Shah both billionaires. As of 2019, each had an estimated net worth of $2.3 billion.

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What was Wayfair originally called?

Wayfair wasn't always called Wayfair. Originally founded in 2002, the e-commerce company initially operated under the name CSN Stores. CSN Stores was the project of two entrepreneurs, Niraj Shah and Steve Conine, both graduates of Cornell University. The original name was derived from the pair's initials, CSN.

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Who is Wayfair owned by?

Wayfair cofounders Steve Conine and Niraj Shah saw their stakes in the company jump by $229 million ...

Wayfair's Cofounders Are Billionaires Again After Stock ...