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Which Burger King Burger Has The Least Calories?

Burger King's signature flame-grilled beef hamburger comes in as the lowest amount of calories. At only 240 calories, it's a great option if you are on a diet and trying to keep your calories low.

Is the bacon king really 2000 calories?

The Bacon King is also the calorie king York Test analyzed several fast food sandwiches and found that the Bacon King is the only one to pass the 2,000 calorie mark, with nearly three times the calories as a McDonald's double quarter pounder with cheese and four times those of a Chick-fil-A spicy chicken sandwich.

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What is the healthiest burger at Burger King?

Whopper Jr. "When dining out anywhere, Burger King included, I look for meals that have fewer than 500 calories. If I were to try to have a balanced meal at Burger King, I would go for a Whopper Jr. Sandwich without mayonnaise at 240 calories and a Side Garden Salad with Ranch Dressing, at an additional 240 calories.

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What is the healthiest thing to order at Burger King?

The 7 Best Things To Order At Burger King, According To Nutritionists. Hamburger with Garden Side Salad. Courtesy of Burger King. ... Veggie Burger with a small fry. Courtesy of Burger King. ... Egg and Cheese Crossain'wich. Courtesy of Burger King. ... Grilled Chicken Garden Salad. ... Grilled Chicken Sandwich.

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Which hamburger has the least calories?

Burgers with the fewest calories. Jack in the Box Hamburger – Nutrition Overview | HealthGrove.McDonald's Hamburger – Nutrition Overview | HealthGrove.In-N-Out Burger Hamburger – Nutrition Overview | HealthGrove.Wendy's Jr. ... Burger King Hamburger – Nutrition Overview | HealthGrove.

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