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When Did They Stop Using Scantron?

This year Parkway School District has announced an end to Scantron testing beginning in the fall of 2018. History teacher Adam Weiss explained the topic in further detail. “Scantron tests are the most efficient way to grade multiple-choice questions.

Are scantron test still used?

He said most teachers have generally stopped using scantrons, but are starting to turn to a new method of test assessment. “Most of the teachers don't use scantron machines anymore. A lot of them are using Mastery Manager now and are using that system vs. scantrons,” Shaughnessy said.

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Can Scantrons detect cheating?

If cheating is witnesses, corroborating evidence can be obtained from the scantron data. If a student copies the answers from someone sitting nearby, the two answer vectors may appear suspiciously similar.

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When were Scantrons used in schools?

WHEN Was Scantron Introduced? Though OMR tech — like the above punch card was around for years — Scantron was invented in 1972 by engineer Michael Sokolski, Mental Floss reports. K–12 schools and higher ed institutions immediately took note.

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Why are Scantrons bad?

Another issue with scantrons is that they can't tell whether the bold colored in bubble, or the faded, barely visible smudge is the answer. Scantrons aren't necessary, and make testing even more difficult. They may make things easier for teachers, but are a big pain for students.

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