What Should I Avoid In Lanzarote?

What is crime like in Lanzarote?

Dangers & Nuisances Lanzarote is a very safe holiday island with very low crimes rates even in Arrecife, the capital. The main advice from the travel experts at Spain-Lanzarote is just to behave as you would at home or anywhere else in the world.

Dangers and Nuisances in Lanzarote

Where should you not go in Lanzarote?

A Quick Guide To The Non- Resort Places In Lanzarote

Why can't you drink tap water in Lanzarote?

Can you drink the water in Lanzarote? You can, but we always recommend you avoid tap water and buy bottled mineral water instead. Due to the weather and scarcity of rainwater, much of the tap water is desalinated seawater. As such, you might not like the taste.

Lanzarote Frequently Asked Questions - Club Las Calas

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Dangers and Nuisances in Lanzarote
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