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What Military Jobs Are In Demand?

What army mos are in demand 2021?

What army mos are in demand 2021?. #10: Army Nurse (MOS 68C)#9: Air Traffic Control Operator (MOS 15Q)#8: Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic (MOS 91B)#7: Infantry (MOS 11B)#6: Technical Engineer (MOS 12T)#5: Counterintelligence Agent (MOS 35L)#4: Criminal Investigations Special Agent (MOS 31D)

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What Army MOS is in high demand?

Current (subject to change based on Army requirements) high demand MOSs include: 18X (Spec Forces; Elementary Lang Proficiency) 37F (Psychological Operations Specialist) 25P (Microwave Systems Operator-Maintainer.

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What is the most popular job in the military?

Military enlisted tactical operations & air/weapons specialists & crew members are the most common position, but the U. S. Army Industry Group employs a relatively high number of Military officer special & tactical operations leaders, compared to other industries.

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What jobs are in high demand in the military?

So, starting from #20, here are the top 20 most needed Army military occupational specialties:. # 20: 35P Cryptologic Linguist.# 19: 35F Intelligence Analyst.# 18: 92F Petroleum Supply Specialist.# 17: 09L Translator/Interpreter.# 16: 13F Fire Support Specialist.# 15: 68W Health Care Specialist.# 14: 11X Infantry.

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