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What Makes Wayfair Different From Other Businesses?

It does not manufacture any of the products it sells, instead using a drop ship model. When customers place an order, Wayfair purchases the item from one of its 11,000 suppliers, which then ships to the customer, though this happens in different ways.

What is unique about Wayfair?

Unlike other retail companies, Wayfair does not store products in its warehouses. Instead, products are shipped directly from the supplier to the consumer. This elaborate supply chain is enabled by data communication and analysis.

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What is Wayfair competition?

Wayfair competitors include Amazon, Macy's, Homepolish and Hayneedle.

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What is Wayfair's strategy?

Wayfair focused on dominating the market quickly by offering a deep selection of merchandise online, offering fast and easy shipping in a category historically not known for that and buying market share. It's efforts to scale have worked.

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What type of business is Wayfair?

Wayfair Inc. is an American e-commerce company based in Boston, Massachusetts that sells furniture and home goods online. Formerly known as CSN Stores, it was founded in 2002, and currently offers 14 million items from more than 11,000 global suppliers.

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