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What Level Does Babbel Get You To?

According to the CEFR scale, three weeks of study with Babbel should get you to an A1 level (the most rudimentary one).

Can you become fluent with Babbel?

If you're looking for a learning supplement If you were to use Babbel as your only means of learning a language you would walk away with a foundational knowledge but you would be far from fluent. Babbel doesn't claim to turn you into a near native speaker in a new language.

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How advanced does Babbel get?

Let's Start at the Beginning: What Is Babbel? Babbel is both a language e-learning platform and a language learning app. It offers courses at newcomer, beginner I, beginner II, pre-intermediate, and intermediate levels. It doesn't currently go to advanced levels.

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How many levels are there in Babbel Spanish?

The Spanish course has three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. These levels are broken down into individual lessons based on real-life scenarios, from shopping at the mall to contacting family members.

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What level can you reach with Babbel?

We offer courses for beginners (A1 in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) all the way up to proficient learners (C1 CEFR level) depending on the learning language. When you subscribe, you can access all courses and lessons, so you can find something suited to your learning level, goals, and needs.

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