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What Is Wayfair's Strategy?

How does Wayfair generate revenue?

According to Wayfair's partner page, Wayfair operates “on the wholesale cost model, meaning we pay our partners the wholesale cost of their items, and we set the retail price.” In short, Wayfair buys it cheap from suppliers, then sells it for more on their marketplace.

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What is Wayfair strategy?

Wayfair. Wayfair has expanded its marketing efforts with three new strategies—membership, physical retail and mixed reality. According to the direct-to-consumer furnishings brand, these activations are meant to deepen engagement with customers beyond its online presence.

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What makes Wayfair different from other businesses?

It does not manufacture any of the products it sells, instead using a drop ship model. When customers place an order, Wayfair purchases the item from one of its 11,000 suppliers, which then ships to the customer, though this happens in different ways.

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Who is Wayfair's target audience?

Our typical Wayfair customer is a 35 to 65 year old woman with an annual household income of $60,000 to $175,000, who we consider to be a mass market consumer and who we believe is underserved by traditional brick and mortar and other online retailers of home goods.

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