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What Is The Scantron Performance Series?

Performance Series is a research-based, criterion-referenced computer-adaptive test that lets K-12 educators quickly pinpoint the instructional level of students across a range of subjects, capture immediate results, and produce standards-based reports including suggested learning objectives, on a scaled score.

What is a good performance series score?

Performance Series scaled scores typically have an SEM close to 60, which corresponds to a reliability estimate of approximately . 90 for adaptive assessments.

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What is Performance Series Express?

Short-form, computer-adaptive diagnostic assessment Performance Series Express provides a shorter, 25-question version of Scantron's popular Performance Series computer-adaptive diagnostic assessment.

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What is the Scantron assessment?

Scantron Assessment Solutions includes specialized K-12 interim and summative testing programs delivered online or on paper, higher education testing and evaluation software, corporate testing and evaluation, certification & licensure, analytics, surveys, and assessment development & psychometric services.

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What is the Scantron Performance Series test?

This guide to District 39's assessment tool, Scantron's Performance Series for reading and math, explains the tests and how to interpret your child's results. Performance Series is a web-based, computer-adaptive test that is used for instructional purposes and for monitoring each student's academic growth over time.

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