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What Is The Meaning Of Walmart Card?

The Walmart Rewards Card is a Mastercard that offers outstanding earning potential when shopping with Walmart. You can get up to 5% cash back when shopping online at Walmart, including on pickup and delivery. The Walmart Rewards Card comes with no annual fee and there is no cap on the rewards that you can earn.

Is Walmart card a Visa card?

Walmart MoneyCard® Visa® Card - Walmart.com.

Walmart MoneyCard® Visa® Card - Walmart.com

What bank uses Walmart card?

The bank that issues Walmart credit cards is Capital One. Capital One has been the Walmart credit card issuer since October 2019, when the revamped Walmart Rewards Mastercard and Walmart Rewards store credit card debuted.

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What is Walmart card used for?

The Walmart Rewards Card, issued by Capital One, offers healthy cash-back rewards for frequent Walmart shoppers. Because it's a store credit card, you can only use it at Walmart and Walmart-affiliated brands such as Sam's Club or Murphy gas stations.

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What type of card is Walmart?

The Capital One® Walmart Rewards™Mastercard can be used for Walmart purchases and anywhere else that Mastercard is accepted. The Walmart Rewards™Card can only be used for Walmart purchases (Walmart.com, in the Walmart App(s), in stores, and at Walmart and Murphy USA Gas Stations).

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