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What Is The Highest Enlistment Bonus In The Military?

$50,000 - The U.S. Army, for the first time, is offering a maximum enlistment bonus of $50,000 to highly skilled recruits who sign up for six years.12 hours ago

Do Navy SEALs get a signing bonus?

Prospective SEALs receive a $12,000 bonus once they qualify for SEAL training, which lasts a year or more, depending on special skills acquired. Upon completion of training, SEALs receive another $40,000 bonus (less than 20 percent of trainees graduate).

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How much is the Navy signing bonus?


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How much money do you get for enlisting in the Army?

Salary. Military salaries are determined by your rank and years of service. As of January 2017, the salary for enlisted personnel in pay grade E-1 is $1,599.90 per month, or $19,198.80 per year. The starting salary for officers in pay grade O-1 is $3,034.80 per month, or $36,417.60 per year.

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Which military branch has the highest enlistment bonus?

Air Force Bonuses The highest-paid bonuses are for combat controller and pararescue jumper positions, which offer a $3,000 bonus for a four-year enlistment, or $17,000 for a six-year enlistment. Some positions only offer bonuses for a six-year enlistment.

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