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What Is The Difference Between A Walmart Credit Card And A Store Card?

The main difference between a Walmart Store Card and a Walmart Mastercard is where you can use it. The Walmart Store Card can only be used at Walmart and its partners. The Mastercard can be used basically anywhere. As a result, the Mastercard also offers rewards for purchases made at other stores.

Are there two different Walmart credit cards?

There are two Walmart credit cards you can apply for — the Capital One® Walmart Rewards™ Mastercard and the Walmart Rewards Card. The latter can only be used at Walmart stores, Walmart.com, Sam's Club, and its associated gas stations. The Walmart Mastercard, however, can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

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Is a store card the same as a credit card?

Store Cards Work Like a Credit Card, With One Exception As you pay down your balance, your available credit increases and can charge additional purchases up to your credit limit. The only difference: While a credit card can be used anywhere, a store card can usually only be used at the specific store.

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Is Walmart credit card a real credit card?

Walmart partnered with Capital One in September 2019 for two credit cards: the co-branded Capital One Walmart Rewards® Card and the private-label Walmart Rewards™ Card. Both cards offer up to 5% back and come with no annual fee. So you may not know which card to choose, since they're so similar.

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What is the difference between a store charge card and a store credit card?

Charge cards force you to be responsible with your spending because you have to pay your balance off each and every month. A credit card, on the other hand, allows you to have a revolving balance that you can pay off over a period of time.

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