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What Is Komme In English?

What is Karna in English?

/karanā/ bring phrasal verb. If you bring something about, you cause it to happen.

English Translation of “करना” | Collins Hindi-English Dictionary

What is the meaning of Komme?

verb. slang: have an orgasm; ejaculate.

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What is the meaning of Konnen in German?

A third verb, können, is a modal verb that usually means "to be able" or "can" — but in certain situations can also mean "to know." (Learn more about modals in Part 3 of this lesson.)

How to Say 'Know' in German Using Kennen, Wissen and Können

What is the meaning of Sein in English?

Sein, which means “to be,” is easily one of the most versatile verbs in the German language. It's right up there next to haben, which means “to have.” Mastering the basics of this one verb opens up so many aspects of daily conversation.

To Be or Not to Be? The German Verb Sein and 7 Ways to Conjugate It