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What Is CI Module In Kenya?

GOtv in partnership with Neotion has announced the launch of the CAM (Conditional Access ModuleConditional Access ModuleA conditional access module (CAM) is an electronic device, usually incorporating a slot for a smart card, which equips an Integrated Digital Television or set-top box with the appropriate hardware facility to view conditional access content that has been encrypted using a conditional access system.https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Conditional-access_moduleConditional-access mod

What are CI slots for?

CI stands for Common interface. This is like a PCMCIA slot on a laptop computer. It allows you to plug in a Conditional Access Module – usually known as a CAM. So, in the case of TopUp TV in UK, you need a cam and an access card (like a S_y card) to watch encrypted channels.

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What do you do when your TV says no CI module?


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What does a CI module do?

With a CI + module you receive digital television, without the need for a decoder, also called 'box'. You use the smartcard that you request from your provider.

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What is CI module in Dish TV?

NEW DELHI: DTH major Dish TV on Monday launched its Conditional Access Module (CAM) device, which allows consumers with set-top boxes of other DTH service providers to switch to Dish TV's feed of television channels.

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