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What Is A Scantron Test?

Scantron is a form of Optical Mark Recognition (OMR), which, according to Mental Floss, occurs when a scanner beams light through a thin sheet of paper, noting where the dark marks were.

Are Scantron tests still used?

This year Parkway School District has announced an end to Scantron testing beginning in the fall of 2018. History teacher Adam Weiss explained the topic in further detail. “Scantron tests are the most efficient way to grade multiple-choice questions.

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How do you take a Scantron test?


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How does a Scantron test work?

How does Scantron work? Scantron is a multiple-choice test tool that is available to faculty and staff in the Faculty of Arts. It offers specialized forms which are filled in by students during their exam and then fed through a specialized Scantron scanning machine to automatically score, analyze and print data.

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What is a Scantron in college?

Scantron is a company from Eagan, Minnesota, USA, that makes and sells machine-readable papers on which students mark answers to test questions, the machines to check those answers, survey and test scoring systems, systems for school attendance (with a mark meaning a missing student) and image-based data collection ...

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