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What Is A Scantron Sheet?

Scantron forms are machine-readable answer sheets for multiple-choice exams. They save instructors considerable time and effort because students' test responses are quickly graded according to the instructor's specifications, usually within 24-48 hours. ... Scantron forms are FREE for in-class testing purposes!

Are scantron sheets still used?

This year Parkway School District has announced an end to Scantron testing beginning in the fall of 2018. History teacher Adam Weiss explained the topic in further detail. “Scantron tests are the most efficient way to grade multiple-choice questions.

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How do you use a scantron sheet?


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What is scantron card?

Scantron is a form of Optical Mark Recognition (OMR), which, according to Mental Floss, occurs when a scanner beams light through a thin sheet of paper, noting where the dark marks were.

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What is the purpose of scantron?

Scantron refers to scannable answer sheets used for testing purposes. Scantron is used in over 105 countries and continues to grow. Scantron permits teachers to incorporate content from multiple sources—including Scantron's item banks, textbook material, custom items and more.

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