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What Does Bonus Enlist Elig Dt Mean

Does everyone get an enlistment bonus?

These bonuses aren't available to everyone, however. Bonuses are most often used as a tool to get people to sign up for hard to fill jobs, those which require a lot of training, and jobs that offer high paying jobs in the civilian sector.

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How do I pay back my enlistment bonus?

No. You receive the enlistment bonus so you would not have to pay it. You do have to pay taxes on it, if that was your question. And you also have to serve the enlistment that you received a bonus for, if that was your question.

Do I have to pay back the enlistment bonus in the military if I accept it?

How long until I get my enlistment bonus?

The initial payment of your Selective Re-enlistment Bonus (SRB) should take no longer than 30 days from the date of re-enlistment. If, after 30 days, you have not received your payment, you should contact your servicing finance officer, career planner, or admin or personnel office.

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What is an enlistment bonus?

When qualified enlistment bonuses apply, they are one-time payments (lump sums) paid after you successfully complete the training specified in your contract and sign in at your first permanent duty station.

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