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What Army Mos Are In Demand 2021?

What Army MOS is in high demand?

Current (subject to change based on Army requirements) high demand MOSs include: 18X (Spec Forces; Elementary Lang Proficiency) 37F (Psychological Operations Specialist) 25P (Microwave Systems Operator-Maintainer.

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What military jobs are in demand?

Top Air Force jobs in demand. Combat controller specialists. These specialists receive highly skilled training in scuba, parachuting and snowmobiling, and are FAA-certified air traffic controllers. ... Pararescue specialists. ... Air Force special reconnaissance. ... Tactical air control party specialists.

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What MOS has the biggest bonus?

For example, the Army currently offers up to a $40,000 cash bonus to become an Army Human Intelligence Collector (MOS 35M) or Cryptologic Linguist (MOS 35P). A recruiter has the most up-to-date Army bonus list for Military Occupational Specialties that offer special pay.

7 Army Bonuses For 2021 - Operation Military Kids

What's the easiest MOS in Army?

The easiest MOS would have to be administration. While you still have to do daily PT, you rarely find yourself in the field . You generally work 9-5 or less, and no matter your rank, you constantly interact with those of power. By far the least militant MOS.

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