What Are The 7 Functions Of Language?

Types of Language Function Michael Halliday (2003:80) stated a set of seven initial functions, as follows: Regulatory, Interactional, Representational, Personal, Imaginative, Instrumental and Heuristic.Nov 7, 2012

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What are the 5 functions of language?

Studying at college, you surely have to read about his research and the 5 functions of language that he distinguished.. The Informational Function. ... The Expressive Function. ... The Directive Function. ... The Aesthetic Function. ... The Phatic Function.

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What are the 7 functions of language with examples?

Terms in this set (7). Instrumental. It used to express people's needs or to get things done.Regulatory. This language is used to tell others what to do.Interactional. Language is used to make contact with others and form relationship.Personal. ... Heuristic. ... Imaginative. ... Representational.

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What are the 8 functions of language?

Terms in this set (8). Emotive Language. Uses connotative words to express the feelings, attitudes, and emotions of a speaker.Phatic Language. Social task, greetings, farewells, small talk.Cognitive Language. ... Rhetorical Language. ... Identifying Language. ... Denotative Language. ... Connotative Meanings. ... Slang.

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What are the main functions of language?

The functions of language include communication, the expression of identity, play, imaginative expression, and emotional release.

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