Traveller's Cheque

Can I cash in old Travellers Cheques?

Yes, any unused Travellers Cheques can be cashed at any NM Money or Eurochange branch. In branch at any of our 190+ UK NM Money or Eurochange locations. Visit our branch locator to find your nearest branch. No, Travellers Cheques have no expiry date so can be cashed irrespective of issue date.

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Do people still use Traveller's Cheques?

At one time, travellers cheques were the preferred way to carry foreign currency. They were secure, low on fees, and in some cases were the only way to pay for things abroad. But they've been going steadily out of favour since the 1990s.

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How do Traveller's Cheques work?

A traveler's check is for a prepaid fixed amount and operates like cash, so a purchaser can use it to buy goods or services when traveling. A customer can also exchange a traveler's check for cash. ... Many banks, hotels, and retailers used to accept them as cash, although some banks charged fees to cash them.

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What are Traveller's Cheques Are they different from normal cheques?

Travellers' cheques are pre-printed, fixed-amount cheques, designed to allow payments from one person to another across currencies. ... This means the cheque can never 'bounce' when you use it, because you've already paid for it.

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