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Social Issues In The World

What are 10 social issues?

Here are the top 10 social problems teens struggle with every day.. Depression. ... Bullying. ... Sexual Activity. ... Drug Use. ... Alcohol Use. ... Obesity. ... Academic Problems. ... Peer Pressure.

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What are 5 current world issues?

Global Issues. Africa. The UN system plays a crucial role in coordinating assistance of all kinds — to help Africa help itself. ... Ageing. ... AIDS. ... Atomic Energy. ... Big Data for Sustainable Development. ... Children. ... Climate Change. ... Decolonization.

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What are the top 10 world issues?

In keeping with their economy-centered view, the World Economic Forum formulated a list of 10 most pressing points in 2016:. Food security.Inclusive growth.Future of work/unemployment.Climate change.Financial crisis of 2007–2008.Future of the internet/Fourth Industrial Revolution.Gender equality.

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