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Safety Personal Checks -120 Checks

Are safety checks worth it?

Why High Security checks are worth it. ... Unfortunately, criminals know this fact, making checks a target for fraud. While occurrences of check fraud are much lower than credit cards, the average damage is much higher. Small businesses that have reported fraud suffered a median loss of $150,000.

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What are high security personal checks?

High Security checks have a number of measures you can't see, including chemically sensitive paper, a chemical-wash detection area, invisible fluorescent fibers and more. Even in today's increasingly digital business world, checks remain a top payment choice for many businesses.

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What is a safety check personal check?

Carousel Checks personal checks feature all the security features required by your bank or financial institution. The front of each check features a Padlock icon, which is located at the end of the dollar amount line to indicate that the proper security features are present that help your bank detect and prevent fraud.

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