Personal Checks

Is it safe to order personal checks online?

It is safe to order checks online as long as you take a few steps to make sure you stay secure. It's also worth keeping in mind that even banks order checks, so ordering your checks online has exactly the same outcome, just without involving your bank.

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What are personal checks?

Personal checks are individual slips of paper issued by your bank that come with your bank routing and account number on them. The date, payee, amount of the check and signature line are all left blank for the account holder to fill in at the time of payment.

Personal Check Vs. Certified Check Vs. Cashier's Check – Forbes Advisor

What can Personal checks be used for?

You can use checks to pay for almost anything. As long as the recipient (or payee) agrees to accept a check, that's all that matters. If you buy groceries, pay insurance premiums, or pay rent, a personal check is probably an acceptable form of payment.

A Guide to Using Personal Checks: Paying or Receiving - The Balance

Where do I get a personal check?

Getting more from your bank or credit union is convenient, but it's not your only option. You can order personal checks from anywhere you like. Some banks charge $20 or more per box, unless you're a premium account holder. You might save more than 50% by buying from a direct-to-consumer printer or national chain.

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