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Performance Series Answers

How many questions is the Performance Series test?

The test is online and computer-adaptive, so each child receives a unique test and the number of items may vary. There is no set number of questions. The average number of questions in a testing session is about 50.

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What is Performance Series assessment?

Performance Series is a standardized assessment that is administered in schools across the country. It is computer-adaptive; in other words, the computer adjusts the questions students see based on their performance on the previous questions.

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What is the highest score on performance series?

In Performance Series, scores are reported as Scaled Scores with values ranging from 1300 to 3700. This range of scores allows a child's progress to be monitored from 2nd through 8th grade.

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What is the site ID for Performance Series?

If you prefer to log in to Performance Series directly, you will need to following information: Site URL: http://www.performanceseries.com/ Site ID: 59-8045-6297.

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