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Can I buy a money order over the phone?

Sending money over the phone is possible, but this is not the same thing as a money order. You can contact a remittance service like Western Union and request an electronic transfer of funds over the phone. You can pay with a credit or debit card. However, a physical money order is not printed out in this case.

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Can I purchase a money order online with a credit card?

Money orders must be purchased in person, so you cannot use a credit card to pay for a money order online. If you would like to send money to friends or family online, consider a money transfer app like Venmo or Square Cash (aka the Cash App).

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Can you get money orders online?

Money orders are now available online, although they're a bit different from the ones you purchase in person. ... For people who don't have a bank account, a money order is a safe way to carry a large amount of cash. Regular money orders can be bought at your local grocery store, bank or post office.

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