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Mit License Text

Can MIT License code be copied?

In the case of the MIT license, users are allowed to: ... Distribute copies of the code and any modifications: As long as the original copyright notice and the license itself are included, an organization can distribute and sell copies or modified versions of the code.

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How do I mention MIT License?

How do I use the MIT License? When you release source code, put a copy of the MIT License text at the top of each source file as a comment. When you release a software package, include a copy of the MIT License in the root directory of the package. Name the file 'COPYING' or 'LICENSE'.

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Is MIT License safe to use?

There's absolutely no restriction on commercial use in there. The only requirement is that you must include the MIT copyright notice with any copies of the software. Other than that, it's a free license, and allows you to use the software for any purpose you might like, including commercial and for-profit use.

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What is MIT License code?

The MIT license gives users express permission to reuse code for any purpose, sometimes even if code is part of proprietary software.

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