Mit License Commercial Use

There's absolutely no restriction on commercial use in there. The only requirement is that you must include the MIT copyright notice with any copies of the software. Other than that, it's a free license, and allows you to use the software for any purpose you might like, including commercial and for-profit use.

Can you use software under MIT licence for commercial use?

Can I sell MIT license software?

(i) Yes, you can sell your software provided you include the MIT license as part of your product.

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Can I use MIT licensed code commercially?

MIT licenses allow commercial use. As the MIT license falls in the BSD-style class of licenses, users do not have to provide any other source code when releasing new software. Including the attributions and original MIT license in the reused code will suffice, making MIT licenses suitable for commercial use.

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Is MIT license business friendly?

Distribution. MIT licensed projects can be freely distributed in a business friendly manner. So you can charge for your code and then that person can then distribute modifications to your code as they see fit.

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Is the MIT license open source?

The most popular open source license as of this writing is the MIT license. ... MIT is what's known as a permissive license, meaning you can use software under the MIT license with minimal restrictions.

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