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Mit License Attribution

Does MIT Licence require attribution?

No. The MIT license requires you to include in the final product the copyright notice and the permission notice for the part of code that derives from the MIT-licensed code.

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Does MIT license allow commercial use?

MIT licenses allow commercial use. As the MIT license falls in the BSD-style class of licenses, users do not have to provide any other source code when releasing new software. Including the attributions and original MIT license in the reused code will suffice, making MIT licenses suitable for commercial use.

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How do I reference a MIT license?

How do I use the MIT License? When you release source code, put a copy of the MIT License text at the top of each source file as a comment. When you release a software package, include a copy of the MIT License in the root directory of the package. Name the file 'COPYING' or 'LICENSE'.

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Is MIT license permissive?

MIT is what's known as a permissive license, meaning you can use software under the MIT license with minimal restrictions.

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