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How do you create an assessment in mastery management?


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What is mastery in assessment?

A mastery assessment aims to determine what students have understood from the material covered during a term and, further, how well they can apply that knowledge to broader problems. A narrowly-focused mastery assessment might address whether students have met an individual learning objective for a course.

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What is mastery manager?

Developed in conjunction with blue-ribbon schools, Mastery Manager is a powerful, standards-based, formative/summative assessment solution used by teachers to gather student performance data to guide classroom instruction. It's easy to use, affordable and effective in raising the level of student learning.

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What teachers can see mastery manager?

Mastery Manager Core Module Educators will learn about the foundation of Mastery Manager, including: creating assessments, developing rubrics, aligning standards, printing forms, inputting online and running real-time reports.

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