YouTube - English Like A Native: The Truth About Italki - Full Review #Spon (Lenght: 17.46)

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How much do italki teachers get paid?

Professional English Teachers on iTalki (like Ivy) earn an average of $15.73 per hour. Community English Tutors on iTalki earn an average of $9.79 per hour.

Italki Review 2021 – Professional English Teacher - eBiz Facts

How much does italki cost?

italki helps you learn a language by connecting you to teachers. The lessons include speaking and listening, as well as practicing with native speakers. How much does italki cost? Lessons usually cost between $10 and $30 per hour but can cost as much as $80 depending on the teacher.

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Is it worth teaching on italki?

Teacher at italki for over a year It allows you a lot of freedom on how to conduct your classes as long as students are happy. It is easy to get into but the pay is very low. As it is a market place it is very easy for students to go to another teacher because there are thousands of them competing with each other.

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Is italki a Chinese company?

In 2007, Kevin Chen and Yongyue Jiang cofounded italki as an online language exchange community. ... In 2016, italki raised $3 million from Hujiang, a Baidu-invested Chinese education company with over 100 million users. As of July 2017, italki has more than 3 million users from more than 100 countries, and 5000 teachers.

italki - Wikipedia

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