Is Whopper Wednesday Every Wednesday?

Wednesday Deal Valid on Wednesdays at participating U.S. restaurants on the BK® App and Applicable offer will be announced every Wednesday.

Offer Terms - Burger King

How can I get a free Whopper?

All you need to do is go to the BK app (or visit BK online) and find the coupon under the “offers” section. Then, add the Ch'King Sandwich to your order and a Whopper will be included in your basket.

You can get a free Whopper from Burger King for a limited time

How do I get a $1 Whopper?

In case you're struggling to figure out what to eat today. If you're strapped for something to eat or just have been craving a Whopper, fire up the Burger King app and check out what BK's serving up. Under the “offers” tab, BK cravers will find a Whopper Wednesday deal that'll get you one sandwich for $1.

Quick, Burger King Is Offering $1 Whoppers on Wednesday - Thrillist

How much is Whopper Wednesday at Burger King?

Priced at $6.99 ($7.35 after tax) the rest of the week, the Whopper's price on Wednesday is $3.99 ($4.20 after tax) in Vancouver.

Review of Burger King's Whopper in Canada - Vancouver Is Awesome

What kind of specials does Burger King have right now?

Burger King®'s current specials and offers!...Current Offers at Burger King:

Burger King® Coupons, Promotions & Specials | January 2022

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