Is Toner The Same As Micr Ink?

What's the main difference between MICR ink and MICR toner? MICR ink is magnetic ink used for check–printing on Inkjet printers. MICR toner is used for check-printing on laser printers.

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Can any printer use MICR toner?

The MICR line on checks must be printed using magnetic toner. This special toner is only available for laser printers (and some special dot matrix printers.) Inkjet printers can not print MICR! In general, your printer manufacturer will not sell this special toner.

What do you need to print MICR?

Do you need MICR toner to print checks?

The Federal Reserve and all banks require that checks are printed with MICR ink or toner for ease of processing. ... This means that checks printed without MICR toner won't meet the magnetic technology and will again require manual processing or likely be unreadable, causing the processing delays/fees mentioned above.

What's the Difference Between MICR Ink and MICR Toner?

How do you know if your toner is MICR?

Look at the MICR clear band (the bottom 5/8 inch) of the check. Make certain it doesn't contain anything printed in MICR toner other than the E-13B MICR characters. Sometimes a portion of a laser printed signature or a graphics line or text from a lower stub will be inadvertently printed within the clear band.

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What is a MICR toner?

MICR toner cartridges are specialty toners used by the banking industry for check processing. MICR is an acronym that stands for magnetic ink character recognition. Each MICR cartridge is filled with a special toner powder designed specifically for check printing.

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