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Is There A Wayfair Price Tracker?

The Wayfair price tracker will check the prices of your items daily, and will send an email notification if a price decreases.

Do prices fluctuate on Wayfair?

At the end of the day, Wayfair's approach to pricing is algorithmic; it is a dynamic pricing strategy. That means that prices change, dynamically, on a daily basis – sometimes several times a day – in response to consumer trends.

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Does Wayfair price match after purchase?

Wayfair does not have to honor a price match after that, even if the purchase is from a sister brand.

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How does Wayfair pricing work?

Wayfair decides what merchandise to sell and sets the prices on everything, just like any traditional retailer does. The money you pay for, say, my “Breakwater Bay” tables goes directly to Wayfair. But then Wayfair buys the tables at a lower, previously agreed-upon price from the supplier — in this case, Safavieh.

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