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Is There A Sign Up Bonus For Joining The Army?

The U.S. Army, for the first time, is offering a maximum enlistment bonus of $50,000 to highly skilled recruits who sign up for six years.17 hours ago

How much is the signing bonus for the Army?

The total signing bonus for a new recruit is based on a combination of incentives offered for the selected career field, length of the enlistment contract and ship date for training. The career-based bonus is up to $40,000 for jobs the Army needs to fill now or has difficulty filling because of required qualifications.

Army offers its largest signing bonus ever - KALB

What do you get for signing up for the Army?

You may be surprised by the range of benefits you'll receive in the Army. We offer 30 vacation days, comprehensive healthcare, housing, cash allowances to cover the cost of living, money for education, family services, and even career support after you serve.

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