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Is Rosetta Stone Lifetime A One Time Purchase?

Now's the time to take the leap, especially since Rosetta Stone is offering their Lifetime Subscription for a one-time fee of just $179. With that, you'll have access to ALL of their languages and a bunch of super helpful features.

How many times can you download Rosetta Stone?

I queried and got the following response from Rosetta Stone Support indicating that the software can be installed on 2 computers at a time.

Be aware if you need to access from more than one computer.

Is Rosetta Stone a one-time purchase?

You can also purchase the Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone application for a one-time permanent access fee. This will give you access to our mobile application permanently for 1 user. Apple purchases will not convert over to Android devices and vice versa.

Using the Learn Languages App | Rosetta StoneĀ® Support

Is Rosetta Stone Unlimited for life?

Our ā€œLifetimeā€ subscription product means you can access the Rosetta Stone language product and services that you purchased, for as long as they're available and supported by us.

About Our Lifetime Subscription | Rosetta StoneĀ® Support

What is lifetime plus Rosetta Stone?

What is Lifetime Plus? With Rosetta Stone Lifetime Plus you get our most advanced product. It combines access to all 24 languages for the lifetime of the product and access to unlimited live coaching sessions in the first 12 months.

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