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Is Busuu Good For German

The prestigious German Association for Consumer Studies (DtGV) recently (August – November 2018) conducted an in-depth study into language learning apps, which busuu was part of. We are thrilled that busuu was rated the best app overall out of the seven language learning apps that were part of the study.

Can busuu make you fluent?

Can Busuu make you fluent? You likely won't become completely fluent with Busuu, but your language skills will improve with regular use. The company specializes in language learning at the beginner to upper-intermediate level.

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Is busuu better than duolingo?

Duolingo is a solid option for those that are just curious about language learning, but their courses aren't suitable for more serious students. ... Busuu does take things a step further, with more grammar explanations, better audio, and all-around more comprehensive courses, though there are still some weaknesses.

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What is the best app for speaking German?

The 5 best free apps for learning German for all levels. Linguee. This dictionary app which stems from linguee.com boasts a comprehensive German/English dictionary, which is also available in several other languages. ... Der Die Das. ... Duolingo. ... Memrise. ... Der Tagesspiegel.

The 5 best free apps for learning German for all levels