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Is Busuu Completely Free?

The basic version of Busuu can be accessed free of charge. To access the language courses on Busuu you must register for a free account. You have the option to purchase a Premium membership. ... This is just an option; you can use Busuu as basic member completely for free.

Can you use Busuu for free?

Busuu has two tiers of service: free and Premium. The free account has a lot of limitations, but it's decent enough if you're using busuu only to practice vocabulary with flashcards for one language, as that's all you get. Free users also get to try the first set of lessons for one language as a trial.

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How much does Busuu cost?

A Busuu Premium subscription starts at $9.99 per month, but this price decreases if you choose a longer subscription. A yearly Busuu Premium subscription costs $69.96 ($5.83 per month) and a two-year subscription costs $129.84 ($5.41 per month).

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Is Busuu better than duolingo?

Duolingo is a solid option for those that are just curious about language learning, but their courses aren't suitable for more serious students. ... Busuu does take things a step further, with more grammar explanations, better audio, and all-around more comprehensive courses, though there are still some weaknesses.

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Is Busuu Free 2021?

Busuu has a free option that comes with limitations and two premium tiers that include Premium and Premium Plus. The prices are fairly reasonable, starting from $9.99 per month (for the Premium plan) and $13.99 per month (for the Premium Plus plan).

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