How To Become An Air Force Linguist

How do you become a linguist in the military?

Of course, to become an Army linguist, you must enlist in the Army, which requires you meet a separate set of requirements: You need a high school diploma or the equivalent (GED), and you must also be in "good moral standing," good health and physical condition, and between the ages of 17 and 35 [source:].

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How long is linguist training at the Air Force?

Language training lasts between 47 and 63 weeks, depending on the difficulty level of the language. Following language training, technical job training is conducted at Goodfellow AFB, Texas. Again, the length of the training depends on the language and can last between 10 and 22 weeks.

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How much does an Air Force linguist make?

Average U.S. Air Force Linguist yearly pay in the United States is approximately $57,169, which is 74% above the national average.

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Is it hard to be a linguist in the Air Force?

“The Air Force linguist corps has some unique challenges,” said Trefflich, namely getting qualified people into the career field. “The requirements to join the career field are difficult. The ASVAB scores are very high. And they have to take a DLAB.” It's not just about the language, he said.

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