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How Much Of Wayfair Does Niraj Shah Own?

The current estimated net worth of Wayfair Inc's Chief Executive Officer, Niraj Shah, is estimated to be about $260.87M . Niraj Shah owns about 341,994 units of Wayfair Inc common stock.

How much does the Wayfair CEO make?

$227,271Compensation by Company

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What does Niraj Shah own?

Niraj Shah is cofounder and CEO of online home goods retailer Wayfair. He started the business in 2002 with Steve Conine, who is also a billionaire.

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What is Niraj Shah net worth?

Shah was included in the Fortune list of "40 under 40" for 2013. In 2017, Shah became a director of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. In May 2017, Wayfair's share price rose above $70 per share, making Shah and his co-founder Steve Conine both billionaires. As of 2019, each had an estimated net worth of $2.3 billion.

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Who is the majority owner of Wayfair?

Niraj Shah Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Director (Co-Chairman) Mr. Shah is our co-founder and has served as our Chief Executive Officer and a member of our Board since 2002. Prior to founding Wayfair, Mr.

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