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How Much Is The Air Force Reenlistment Bonus?

Reenlistment Bonus: A Service member currently serving in the Air National Guard who agree to reenlist for a or six year term of service and meet qualifying criteria may be eligible for a bonus up to $30,000.

How are Air Force bonuses paid?

Bonus amounts vary based on the job, your service commitment and the needs of the Air Force mission. ... When qualified enlistment bonuses apply, they are one-time payments (lump sums) paid after you successfully complete the training specified in your contract and sign in at your first permanent duty station.

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How is Air Force reenlistment bonus calculated?

The product of 15 times the monthly rate of basic pay to which the member was entitled at the time of the discharge or release of the member; and. The product of the number of years (or the monthly fractions thereof) of the term of reenlistment or extension of enlistment of up to $90,000.

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How much is the average enlistment bonus?

In the fiscal year that ended last Sept. 30, the Army spent more than $233 million on bonuses, with about 16,500 recruits getting an average enlistment bonus of more than $14,000.

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What Air Force jobs give bonuses?

They offer enlistment bonuses that go up to $12,000 for the positions of a land-based or airborne linguist, pararescue, combat control, survival evasion rescue evacuation, and explosive ordnance disposal. The Air Force also offers certain health field accession bonuses.

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