How Much Does A Small Steam Locomotive Cost?

A 1/8th scale model of a steam locomotive is going to cost you probably in excess of $10,000 and maybe many times that, whereas a diesel-electric can be had for a few thousand used or around $10,000 new.

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How much does a steam locomotive cost?

Each one cost approximately $265,000 to build, or about $4.4 million in today's money. In the railroad world, the Big Boys were known as 4-8-8-4 articulated type locomotives.

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How much does an ES44AC cost?

The new GE ES44AC locomotives, which cost $2.5 million each, are 18 percent more fuel efficient than other alternatives that IAIS looked into. Miller said one of the new 4,400-horsepower units will pull a train equivalent to what two or three of its current units can handle.

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What is the smallest locomotive?

Seth Sawyer via Flickr German scientists have created the world's smallest steam locomotive, 10,000 times the size of a single atom, reports The Local. The vehicle is comprised of a tiny plastic bead containing water. That water is then heated up by a laser replicating an old-fashioned locomotive engine.

German Scientists Have Created the World's Smallest Steam Engine

What is the smallest steam locomotive?

"Rishra" is the smallest steam locomotive ever built, beating all the Talyllyn Railway and the Ffestiniog Railway's small steam locomotives, all of which are narrow-gauge.

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