How Much Does A Sd70ace Weight?

How much does a SD70 locomotive weigh?


How much does a SD70ACe cost?

The current price of these locomotives can range from $1.5 million for DC traction motors to nearly $2.5 million for AC traction motors. Union Pacific's "Office Car Special", led by SD70ACe #8866, is westbound on the former Southern Pacific at Donner Pass near Colfax, California.

EMD "SD70ACe" Locomotive: Price, Tractive Effort, Specs

How much horsepower is SD70ACe?

SD70ACe is equipped with EMD's 16-710-G3C-T2 prime mover, rated at 4,300 horsepower (3,200 kW); later Tier 3 models are rated at 4,500 horsepower (3,400 kW), and have a thermal efficiency of almost 36%. They are rated at 157,000 lbf (700 kN) continuous tractive effort (191,000 lbf (850 kN) starting).

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What does the E in SD70ACe stand for?

The EMD (Electro Motive Division) SD70ACe (often nicknamed "Ace" or "The Ace" by most railfans, builders, and employees) is a type of six-axle, 16-cylinder, 4,300hp AC-traction diesel-electric locomotive which was first introduced in 2004 (the prototypes built the previous year), and has been in production since 2005 ...

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EMD "SD70ACe" Locomotive: Price, Tractive Effort, Specs
Rated at 4,300 hp, the SD70ACe was essentially a more environmentally friendly version of the builder's SD70 series featuring EMD's 16-cylinder ... -

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Meanwhile, its dynamic braking effort is as much as 105,000 pounds-force (470 kN). The amount of starting tractive effort is equal to that of the 6,000 ... -

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Specifications ; Wheel (axle) arrangement, C-C, C-C ; Length, 74' 3", 74' 3" ; Weight, 408,000 lbs. 407,000 lbs. ; Height, 15' 11", 15' 11". -

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Continuous Tractive Effort 175,000 lbs. Starting Tractive Effort 200,000 lbs. Dynamic Braking Effort 105,000 lbs. ... Approximate Weight 428,000 lbs. Length 76 ft ... -

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A diesel locomotive could cost from $500,000-$2 million. ... Many locomotives are ordered with extra weight to improve tractive effort. -