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How Much Do You Get Paid For Air Force Reserves?

Air Force Reserve pay for a person with 20 years of service Airman E-2: $251 per month. Airman First Class E-3: $298 per month. Senior Airman E-4: $355 per month. Staff Sergeant E-5: $453 per month.

How much do reserves get paid a month?

Pay is based on two weeks of training each year and one weekend each month....Basic Military Pay Chart For Army Reserve Soldiers*

Army Reserve Pay Chart & Salary | GoArmy.com

How much do you get paid in the reserves?

Army Reserve E1 with >2 Years Of Time In Grade/Time In Service: $3,639.51 (the Army official site points out that an E-1 will earn less in the first four months of military service than in successive months) The same Army Reservist with four years or more of time in grade/time in service earns $3,639.51.

How Does Reserve Pay Work? | Military Benefits

How much does an Air Force Reserve make a year?

In addition to IDT the SSgt will make an additional $1,367.25 for their annual training. That is a grand total of $5,742.45 per year for a part time career in the Air Force Reserve. That doesn't include additional opportunities available for upgrade training, retraining or professional military education.

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