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How Many Wayfair Warehouses Are There?

Our 18 fulfillment and 38 delivery centers represent millions of square feet across the US, Germany, and the UK. Our locations are near major metro markets and transportation hubs enabling us to meet our customers' delivery expectations.

Does Wayfair have its own warehouse?

(This is starting to change as Wayfair sets up its own warehousing system called CastleGate to help suppliers get things to customers quicker.) At its heart, Wayfair uses a classic drop ship model and holds no merchandise of its own.

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Where is Wayfair located in USA?

Wayfair Inc. is an American e-commerce company based in Boston, Massachusetts that sells furniture and home goods online.

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Who is Wayfair owned by?

Wayfair cofounders Steve Conine and Niraj Shah saw their stakes in the company jump by $229 million ...

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