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How Many Subscribers Does Netflix Have In 2021?

How many subscribers does Netflix have 2020?

Last year, Netflix added 18 million subscribers, compared with 37 million in 2020.

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How many subscribers does Netflix have?

While Netflix has about 222 million total subscribers, larger conglomerates like Disney (which also owns Hulu and ESPN) have continued to expand at a more aggressive pace.

Netflix had its lowest year of subscriber growth since 2015

How much did Netflix make in 2021?

The company's annual revenue in 2021 amounted to almost 30 billion U.S. dollars, continuing the impressive year-on-year growth Netflix has enjoyed over the last decade.

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Which country uses Netflix the most 2021?

Leading Netflix markets worldwide 2021 In the second quarter of 2021, the United States remained Netflix's leading market, with around 67 million subscribers. Brazil ranked second with around 18 million, followed by the United Kingdom, Germany and France.

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