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How Long Does It Take To Get Army Signing Bonus?

The initial payment of your Selective Re-enlistment Bonus (SRB) should take no longer than 30 days from the date of re-enlistment. If, after 30 days, you have not received your payment, you should contact your servicing finance officer, career planner, or admin or personnel office.

Does everyone get a signing bonus for joining the army?

The $40,000 bonus is available for recruits joining for six-year enlistments, Military.com first reported. A three-year enlistment will net recruits a $20,000 bonus, four years gets $25,000 and five-year terms of service earn $30,000.

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How are Army signing bonuses paid?

Bonuses are paid in Lump Sum, at the time of re-enlistment. Member must have been separated for more than 90 days, but less than 4 years.

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What is the average signing bonus for the Army?

The total signing bonus for a new recruit is based on a combination of incentives offered for the selected career field, length of the enlistment contract and ship date for training. The career-based bonus is up to $40,000 for jobs the Army needs to fill now or has difficulty filling because of required qualifications.

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